Disposable Pallets

Disposable pallets are used in carrying out displacement, warehousing and transporting by using automobile, railway and water transport. Disposable pallets are necessary with making overpacks and transporting them to any regions or countries and leaving the pallets there.


CP - pallets are designed for the chemical industry. They are belong to exchange system and can be repaired.

Pressed Wood Pallets

Our Pressed Wood Pallets are an ideal solution for demanding transportation requirements. Crafted from compressed wood, they provide a sturdy and reliable platform for the secure transport of your goods. These pallets are meticulously manufactured to the highest standards, meeting various requirements for stability and load-bearing capacity.

Special Pallets

Special Pallets from our company are produced uniquely to the client’s needs from finished specifications or by collaborating on product development. Discover our specialized offerings, including Düsseldorf Pallets and Pressed Wood Pallets, designed to cater to diverse needs.

Pallet Collars

Pallet collar is a demountable wooden box with a europallet in the base. It can bear a weight of 2200 pounds. Pallet collars are used as a reusable containers for storing and transporting small and huge products.

Wooden Boards and Blocks

Kalimax provides a variety of essential wooden components to suit your pallet and wooden structure needs. Whether you require solid wood blocks for reliable support, pressed wood blocks for cost-effective solutions, or sturdy wooden planks, we have the right options for you.


We understand that the quality of pallets is of utmost importance. Low-quality pallets can lead to a host of problems, from safety risks and damaged goods to the disruption of automated transportation systems.

Key Aspects of Pallet Quality:

Precise Wood Details: We meticulously ensure the size and quality of every wooden component in our pallets, along with correct spacing between them, meeting the highest industry standards.
No Protruding Nails: Our pallets are crafted with utmost precision, eliminating the risk of protruding tacks that can cause damage and injury.
Wood Treatment: Our pallets undergo thorough wood treatment processes to enhance their durability, longevity, and performance.

The Standard - UIC 435-2:

The Europallets we supply meet the high-quality standards outlined in the UIC 435-2 standard, which is the gold standard for pallet quality in Europe. Look for EUR stamp, indicating that pallets we supply meet European requirements, and EPAL stamp, signifying compliance with the European Pallet Association's norms.

EPAL and Quality Assurance:

EPAL is a non-profit European Association committed to maintaining an effective exchange system at every stage of goods delivery. We ensure the pallets we supply are sourced from EPAL-licensed manufacturers.
Every organization associated with EPAL, undergoes rigorous monthly quality checks, ensuring that the pallets meet the highest standards consistently. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering.

Choose Quality with Pallets from Kalimax:

When you choose Kalimax pallets, you're choosing the assurance of quality, safety, and reliability. Our pallets are engineered to meet the stringent standards required for the modern supply chain.
Browse our range of pallet products, and experience the difference in quality and performance that Kalimax delivers.

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